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Jenna: ~Seph, we are not in danger. You are being paranoid now.~ *she snorts* ~The virus is being produced on Earth. Clawina and Seferia never once have read those files. Seferia has sent those files directly to the research team under Clawina’s command. Hence, you are making a lot of noise for no reason. And rather than listen to what I have to say and accept it, you’d rather distance yourself from me and listen only to your own voice.~ *she pushes herself up then shifts into her hybrid from. She hisses in annoyance as she feels rather weak after casting the spell. She then shakes her head and slowly wanders into the forest, not bothering to take off*

Kadaj: Tch.. *shakes his head then closes his eyes* ~Loz, Yazoo. Come, I sense mother. We should go and find her.~

Yazoo: *was watching over Loz’s activities, mostly out of boredom. He then looks up as he hears Kadaj’s summons.* Mother? *he stands up then moves to Loz* Let us meet brother.