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Jenna: *sighs and crosses her arms* The virus is being developed on Earth, Seph. In a completely different universe to this one. Clawina has no completed form of this super-virus to date. So, there is no possible way for it to come here. *she slowly pushes herself up to a sitting position, though it’s clear that she’s aching and not feeling like doing even that much* I won’t ask you to be calm. However, I would appreciate it if you at least come back here, Seph… I need you.

Clawina: *haughtily* I will. *she turns her back on Red and begins looking around for any signs of safe paths to take*

Seferia: *continues to track down Clawina via her psychic abilities. She walks right past most of the populace of Cosmo Canyon upon entering the town, not caring about them at all. Soon enough, she nears Red and Clawina’s locaiton*