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Kat Aclysm

Aeris: *sighs* Alright. Well, let’s see. Jenna moved me to her homeworld a long time ago. When she was pregnant with their first girl. Then I came back, because they needed a healer… *shakes her head* Not much happened then. I just hung around here. Then Cloud came some time later. As for this one… *gently nods to her baby* Well. *pauses awkwardly* Some demons came and switched my spirit with Cloud’s spirit. Then another one possessed Sephy and raped her. Then this little guy was conceived. *sighs* Sad story, but… the little one can’t help how he got here and needs our love and protection as much as anyone does.

Sephiroth: *hears the movement noises, but does nothing because he’s used to hearing people move around and assumes it’s one of his kids*