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Kat Aclysm

Zach: *grins, very pleased with the positive response from the dragon. He holds it securely in his arms and then moves out of his room, heading up the stairs to the kitchen. Once there, he sets the dragon down on the ground* Stay there, OK? *wanders over to the refrigerator and begins browsing through it for steak, or any other kind of meat meant for cooking* Pot roast… hmm. *frowns* Eh, Seph’s gonna get pissed if I use that. *takes it out anyway and sets it down on the middle of the floor so he can start cutting small bite size pieces off it* Come over here. *holds one out for the dragon to eat*

Sephiroth: It should, provided it’s not found by the humans. Once they find it, they may try to settle on it. Or they may even try to dig for minerals.