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Kat Aclysm

Zach: *simply nurtures the egg, keeping it warm inside of the incubation box, occaisonally getting it out to cuddle with it under the covers of his bed, partially because it’s warm, partially because he figures that varying the temperature on the egg every so often replicates the actions of a mother dragon moving around, but mostly because he has grown very attached to it. When he isn’t studying or otherwise, he can commonly be found around the incubator box, usually reading up on dragons, and care of them*

Sephiroth: *has become increasingly unhappy about the Desiree situation and thinks that his relationship with her has degraded near beyond repair. This often makes him unhappy and down and he is mostly unwilling to talk abotu it, unless Jenna asks him, or presses him about it. He doesn’t do much of interest over the months except exist from day to day, doing his regular things. However, he spends some time in the training room, using light weights to retrain his muscles after being out of use for serious combat for so long*

Cloud: *has mostly been a vegetable and continues to mostly be a vegetable. She lies on the bed as always, doing not much except staring at the ceiling, still very traumatized from her experiences. However, she is getting a little better. She manages small amounts of conversation here and there, but doesn’t do much else*