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Desiree: *nods and rushes down the stairs. As soon as she’s out of Seph’s sight, she removes the illusion spells from her person* That was nice… *she lazily grins to herself. Finally, she enters her bedroom then flops down on her bed* One day.. he’ll see that I’m better. *her grin widens as she daydreams*

For the next four months, life continued as usual for the family of the ex-crazed, psychopathic, egotistical would-be god. During the course of the next few months, Jenna would remind Seph on a nightly basis as to how he’s made her side of the bed lumpy. However, despite her complaints about that side, she doesn’t stop sleeping on the bed. In fact, most of the time, she’d be so closely cuddled up next to Seph as she sleeps that the sides wouldn’t really matter.

As for the chlidren, Desiree continues to steal moments of affection from Sephiroth whenever Jenna is not around. Despite her devious acts of pretending to be her mother, she seems to pull back whenever things get too sexual. For now, Desiree isn’t certain if she can’ hold up her illusions if she were to get intimate with her father. Not to mention, she feels shy and insecure when it comes to sex.

Then, there are the twins, who continue to life care free lives. Well, Seres lives a carefree life. However, Dimitri frequently finds things to be afraid of. Not only does he run away whenever he sees St. Sephy. But he also rushes away at any sight of Hojo.

Last, Zach’s egg remains very eggy. The fetus within the egg had been developing quite healthily inside the shell. However, it doesn’t really do much at all. From time to time, if Zach were to try to psychically stimulate the growing dragon, he would receive simple colors in response. However, there isn’t much to be said there. The egg is about half-way through its developmental stage, so it isn’t close to hatching either.