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Seres: *blinks and stares at Aeris as he speaks. She then frowns at his last set of words* ~Father loves us.~ *her psychic transmissions are considerably stronger and clearer than her brother’s. In fact, she seems to be exerting no thoughts at all in order to send out the transmissions, while Dimitri needs to concentrate quite a bit in order to send a simple sentence* ~Father never kill us. Never.~

Dimitri: *just continues to hug onto his pillow. He doesn’t seem to notice the comments about death at all*

Desiree: *walks down the stairs, having been spending time in the library after her argument with Sephiroth. She pauses as she senses him in the kitchen though. She frowns and does a quick scan to see if he’s alone. Then, she decides to try her luck. So, she casts a spell to disguise herself as Jenna once more. She then moves to enter the kitchen. Slowly, she moves behind Sephiroth. She then sets her hands on his shoulders so that she can start massaging him*