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Desiree: *was just peacefully eating at the table. She has nearly finished off the sandwich that she had made for herself. Since she is preoccupied with eating, she doesn’t notice Seph’s entrance. However, when he speaks to her, she jumps. She then looks up at him* Oh, hello, Father.. I’m just eating. *she shrugs, trying to appear innocent*

Jenna: ~I’m certain that you can beat me, if you just are willing to learn my tricks.~ *She faintly smirks as she recalls the ways that she’s beaten him before. She pauses as she notices Desiree’s reaction to Seph’s question* ~Is there something wrong with the girl?~

Dimitri: *gathers up the few figures that look like “Cloud”. He then holds them out to Aeris* These loo lie you.