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Kat Aclysm

St Sephiroth: *loudly screeches as he is grabbed up by Jenna ane begins to swing on his back, trying to reach back at anything, such as an arm, and bite her hard* *”Let go of me!!”* *snarls at her* *”What did I ever do to you?”*

Zach: Shh. I know… *carries Dimitri into the infirmary, then turns on the light and sets him down on one of the soft cushioned beds in the room* Just sit here for a bit, OK? *reaches down to pick Seres up, setting her down beside Dimitri, figuring that both of them will be kept quiet and feel safer with the other sibling close by. He wanders not far away, and begins to sift through the cabinets, looking for first aid supplies*