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Kat Aclysm

Zach: *whimpers* *”Alright…”* *clings onto the egg he is holding, seeming rather distressed* Mom wants you guys to eat them, but… *strokes the egg’s surface, looking like he’s about to cry*

Sephiroth: *tiredly sighs* There’s nothing inside, Zach… *crouches down to take the other egg out of the partly finished incubation box, seeming curious* You are working on this for the fertilized egg? It looks useful so far. *teleports the egg back into his subspace, frowning at Zach and the egg he is clinging onto* Hmph… there’s nothing inside of it, you know. Scan it for yourself. It only has liquid proteins and food inside. There is no life. If you handed it over or even ate the contents, you would not be killing anything, or denying an unborn dragon of life. Return that when you are ready. If you want to keep the shell intact and use the egg as a decoration, or even as a keepsake to show the dragon one day when it hatches, I have an idea. But you will have to hand it over for that to happen. *heads out of the room and walks back into the kitchen to continue cooking his food*

Cancer: *sets a large mixing bowl on the table* Okay, Des. What do you wanna put into this omelette? *glances at the refrigerator* Bacon? Cheese? Tomato? What do you like in your omelette?