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Jenna: *she nods at Sephiroth* That was one of my terms, for him to respect the fact that we are indeed its parents.. *She glances to the side and frowns* Though.. I was that big for just one egg?

Centra: Calculating. *a ceiling tile slides away to reveal a scanning device. Soon enough, a series of lasers begin to wash over the egg as Centra takes in data on the egg. She then speaks up as she pulls up files on pure-bred dragons and their reproduction* That comes from the family that is known as settled dragons. They have adapted to life on earth and have lost the abilities of their ancient ancestors. The specific ancestry seems to have elements to indicate that the crimson, or red, clan. They are renown as being the largest of the various breeds. However, it has elements that indicate that it is mixed with a lesser breed. The exact nature of the lesser breed is not calculable at this point in time. Further analysis is needed.