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Jenna: *finally stops licking Seph after he goes to sleep. She then yawns and settles her head down next to his torso. As she drifts to sleep, she makes a soft, low humming noise, wanting to keep Seph comforted as well as lead herself to sleep*

*For the next month, Jenna mostly stays in the room that she had originally turned into a dragon in. She’d leave to eat from time to time. However, in the past week, she hasn’t wanted to do that at all, mostly because she feels bloated and can’t fit through the caverns at all. She’s also has found herself digging at the floor on frequent occasions. Not to mention, she’s felt quite a bit irritable.

Her bloated status would be easily noticeable to anyone who looks at her by now. Though, she could never say what the exact reason is. So, she has called upon Zach to check her out*