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Desiree: *Takes a deep breath and looks at Zach for a few moments. After pausing for a good moment, she nods to herself and sighs* Listen, I have something to tell you.. Before, I thought you already knew this, but you clearly don’t.. *She bites her lip and looks down at the floor* The last few months have been all my fault. I was the one who talked to those spirits and let them through. They said that they were my friends and wanted to cross over and have even more fun.. Cancer and I got rid of most of them but two.. That one that was in your body and another. The other guy.. Astaroth.. He’s not like the others. He said he came directly from the realms of chaos. He’s the one who turned you and mother into the opposite sex back when the twins were born.. And he’s the one who tricked Zach into.. Well, *nudges Zach and grumbles* Your turn!