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Kat Aclysm

Zach: *stumbles back out of the way as he watches the tail swish, then moves back in once he thinks she is calm again* I’m sorry, mom, I’ve just never seen a fully grown red mountain dragon this close before. I’ve seen a few of the lesser kinds flying around, but as far as dragons go… you’re the elite. *reaches out to pat the scales, running his hands along the edges of them* Now I know why people killed this species for armor. *raps his knuckles against one of the scales, admiring it* How often do you shed? Are you going to be like this forever now? Can you take me flying?

Sephiroth: *reaches down to rest a hand on Dimitri’s head, grunting at Zach’s curiousity and questions* Leave her alone. Didn’t you hear what she said?