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Astaroth: *broadly grins and nods at his work. He then teleports to Sephiroth and Jenna’s new position* Now, let’s see. Let’s see… Oh, that won’t do at all. *he notices that Jenna and Sephiroth have their souls in the same body. So, he rips Sephiroth out of Jenna’s body and transplants his soul back into his body. Soon enough, the chaos-spawn begins to hum as he studies over Jenna and Sephiroth once more* Yes, that must be done. They will be wonderful. *grinning, he flaps his wings. Soon enough, Jenna and Seph’s bodies begin to shift and change. Within a few minutes, the two dragons would be sleeping right next to each other* Now, wake up.. *grinning, the creature rushes off, not wanting to be seen when the two wake up*

Desiree: *groans and rolls out of her bed* Wha..? *she opens her door* What are you talking about, Zach?