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Jenna: *her normal concious mind would be deep asleep now. It is clearly unaware of what Seph is doing, or the other. As for the other, it comes from a part of the mind that is meant to be locked away by a power that would indicate Sephiroth’s handiwork. It contains the memories that Jenna can’t account for, such as the moments when Seph encountered her while she was deep in insanity in her past. Also, it’s psyche is horribly mangled with hatred, pain, and overall full-blown mania. If Sephiroth studies the remnants of his energy signature that hold the personality in an attempted locked position, he’d find that these bits of her mind were litterally ripped from the other bits of her personality and sealed away*

Dimitr: *whines and shuffles about, wanting to be anywhere but with Hojo. As for his wings, they attach at the base of his shoulder-blades. His muscle structure is specialized such that it actually supports the wings. Also, the boy is lighter than most humans his size/age due to his modified bone structure*