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Jenna: *remains quite distrubed by the dream and continues to grip onto the arm of Seph’s body in the real world. As for the dream, things seem to go dark for a bit. However, the scene is soon replaced by the sensation of being tied to a stake, with tender right at her feet. Meanwhile, several angry villagers are surrounding her and yelling “witch” as well as other things. She’s also having rocks throne at her. Also, Seph would be able to hear a sound akin to electrical interference that almost seems to have words to it. While the “words” are clearly agressive and angry toward Jenna, they are not in any way understandable. Also, the interference seems to want to drown out Sephiroth’s reassurances*

Dimitri: *whimpers. His wings shutter as he stares up at Hojo* Wan Zach.. *he’s too scared to run away from Hojo*