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Jenna: *is currently curled up on her side of the bed, sleeping. She unintentially tosses and turns in her sleep, troubled by her dreams. Eventually, she reaches out to grip onto Seph’s body for comfort. Unfortunately for Sephiroth and her, their dreams are now shared since they are within the same body. So, Sephiroth would be able to clearly witness the dreams that are bothering Jenna. At the moment, she’s having one of her reoccurring dreams, which first starts with the massacre on Halcyon. Jenna is currently crumpled on the ground next to several of the dead bodies while a dream version of Sesshou is letting her know that this was all that she wanted*

Dimitri: *nervously looks around as he searches for his bigger brother, Zach. He’s been bored, so he went searching for Zach so that they can play. The boy’s wings twitch as he walks toward Hojo’s lab, having thought that Zach is there at the moment. He frowns and slowly steps into the room* ‘Ello? Zach…?