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Jenna: *Grumbles* That’s not what I meant.. *she shakes her head. Still, she continues to allow herself to drift back to sleep*

*For the next month and a half, she sticks close to Seph’s body, wanting to insure that it stays safe and healthy. She’d encourage Seph to take control whenever he feels like it, not wanting him to think that she’s holding him prisoner. She also utilizes manipulation spells in order to take care of the needs of Seph’s body whenever Zach is too occupied.

For the most part, she has been reading various books on the subject of hosting spirits. From time to time, she’d gain the courage to try to send Seph back into his body. However, each of her attempts tend to result in failure. After these times, she’d usually loudly grumble and return to her books.

As for Desiree, she’s become even more reclusive than before, if that was possible. She is quite embarrassed over the fact that she tried to kill both her mother and father at the same time. She also doesn’t want to face them quite yet. So, she’d only exit her room to eat and go to her classes. Aside from that, she’d lock herself inside and not interact with the rest of her family*