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Kat Aclysm

Zulmire: *if Jenna were to scan her properly, she would sense out that Zulmire owns a rather large soul prescence. Her actual species is a Northern Frost Dragon and she isn’t suited to this kind of environment in her natural form. As for her level of physical ability, it is rather ordinary. She is not particularly powerful or skilled, but her real area of expertise is knowledge* I give him written work, he charges through it. I give him something to read, he finishes it before I can work out where I will take the lesson plan. He’s a good student and learns many different types of things. If he was older, he could be set upon the humans to learn things at their universities and colleges, and he would be smarter than some of those undergraduates already. I couldn’t have a brighter student right now. *leans back in her chair* There is, however, only one problem.