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Seferia continued to calmly explain to Noemi how her magic had reversed the properties of her genes in order to make her more draconic and less human. As she explained this, she told Noemi to concentrate on the magic that flowed around her so that she could feel which strands had produced the effect.

So, Noemi sat down on the bed and closed her eyes as she felt for the source of the changes that she had been forced to undergo by the programs in her neural implants. As she did this, she took in a few sharp breaths, for her programming initially made her think that this activity was disobedience. Thus, she actually had to fight against herself in order to concentrate on the magical energies.

“The humans do not trust you much at all…,” Seferia commented as she watched over Noemi. The black dragon knew that she was lucky in that she was under the protection of diplomatic immunity. Her queen would instantly defect if anything was attempted against Seferia, which provided her with freedoms that neither Noemi nor Sephiroth possessed.

So, Seferia leaned in toward Noemi and entered her mind in order to ease the pain that was being produced by the implants. Since Seferia was concentrating on Noemi, she did not respond to Sephiroth’s request at all.

Within half an hour, Noemi finally managed to cast a spell to revert her form back into being mostly human. As she returned to her normal state of being, she released a deep sigh before she opened her eyes to look at Seferia.

“Thank you,” Noemi graciously stated.