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The ship rattles quite a bit as it breaks through the atmosphere and enters the vacuum of space. During this time, Seferia stands by her queen, keeping a calm watch over the viewscreen as their ship leaves the planet.

Clawina: *Once the pilot, who is the very same Sanghelli who had bashed the head of the human king on the planet, confirms that they have reestablished communications with the interplanetary network, she moves over to the console. She then sends a report on her meeting as well as the authorization for the new aquisitions department to start colonizing the planet. Since the department had only been waiting for the authorization, it would only take them a few days to touch down on the planet. Also, this crew would negotiate concerning the location of any forts and space ports that the interplanetary alliance is looking on implimenting, including an orbital space station*

Seferia: *watches her queen as she makes her reports for a few minutes. After some time, she decides that everything is safe and makes her way to the living quarters. However, she stops as she hears the noises produced by pillows being smacked against each other. Tilting her head to the side, she walks into Clawina’s quarters*