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Zack frowned at the General’s response before he sighed. He then reached back to scratch the back of his head.

“Hey…,” he started before he licked his lips to consider what he was saying. “Umm… I know that we’re not part of the war, so we’re not going to be heroes anymore. However, you don’t need to be glum about it. Most of us would kill to be in a peaceful world, Sephy. So, don’t sweat it. It’s fine.”

Meanwhile, a few midshipment scurried off as the Sub-Lt. made his demands. They boarded the shuttle so that they could radio the Halcyon for the supplies that the elf had requested. Thus, within ten minutes, a second shuttle arrived with the armaments that had been requested.

Rufus looked up from the paperwork on his desk as Sephiroth buzzed his intercom. After glancing at the large ship in the sky for a brief moment, he reached to the side of his desk to press the button that unlocked the door to his office. He then coolly responded, “It is good to see that you have returned, Sephiroth.”