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Kat Aclysm

Sub-Lt. Kalysto narrowed his eyes at Rhyderi in an extremely pompous and haughty manner, moving over to him, sniffing airily as if he was looking at the stupidest and most lowly of creatures in all existance. And to be honest, if Rhyderi was going to shove him, HIM, the most perfect of all away, Sub-Lt. Kalysto fully thought that he deserved to be treated like that.

“Yes. You are wrong. And ignorant.” He huffed. “Colonel Zack here proposes that you remove the dragons from their primative bindings.” He waved to the ship. “I will bring out the proper Inhibiting-Movement Draco-Armor. Your primitive mind may finally comprehend it once it has been brought out.” He waved to the other personnel nearby. “Unload three of the finest test-sequence Draco-Armor kits. I’m sure we can use simulation training armor in a practical exercise on these pathetic juvenile monsters here.” He smirked. “It’s designed for dragons at least four times their strength.” He glared at them. “They look weak.”

Sephiroth made a slight sound of amusement at Noemi’s surprise. “Oh, it’s not advanced at all.” He stated casually, picking the PHS out of his pocket to show her. “However, the President appreciates being informed.”