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Col. Fair froze up as Rhyderi questioned his muttering. Giving an large, yet awkward smile, he quickly shook his head before he held up his arms.

“No, no, no,” he attempted to cover up for himself. “Umm… You see.. The captain asked for them to be restrained in a different way.. Uh, like.. Like…”

As he fumbled with his words, he yanked Sub-Lt. Kalysto over to his side before he shoved him at Rhyderi. “You explain it! You’re the tech geek and engineer here, not me.”

Noemi eyes widened in mild surprise as Sephiroth mentioned that the president was already prepared for their arrival. She lowered her head before she responded, “I’m impressed. I honestly didn’t expect such a level of communication.”

So, she slipped out of the limo and followed Sephiroth into the ShinRa building.