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Kat Aclysm

The dragon that General Sephiroth had taunted watched Noemi for a brief period before trying to lie down. It managed the feat after a number of minutes, looking incredibly clumsy as it moved about, mostly because it could only move each of it’s limbs a few inches at most. It put its head down on the ground and closed it’s eyes adopting a very defeated posture, or the best it could manage considering it could barely move.

*”You are a distant relative?”* It telepathically questioned Noemi. *”I pray for release, yet mother stays where she is. It would honor me if you could end this charade. Kill me or release me – I have been here too long to tolerate this any more. My kin feel the same way.”* It rumbled loudly. *”They blinded my brother, so he cannot see what he is doing to release us, let alone get close enough to help. The same fate or worse awaits us all.”*

Sephiroth grunted aloud. “Very good.” He turned his back on Noemi for a brief period as he arranged for transport to come and pick them up. He hung up the phone and faced her again, scowling. “The transport will arrive within five minutes.”