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Kat Aclysm

General Sephiroth smirked back at Noemi, then at the dragon, kicking at one of it’s paws. The dragon released a powerful aggressive roaring noise and turned it’s piercing yellow eyes on him, chomping it’s head down within inches of his as a warning. The General stood there and grinned, knowing quite well that it was only a threat, and that it was clearly not interested in attacking.

“Diplomacy? What’s that? All I see are a bunch of stupid animals waiting to die.” He glanced back at the other two. “You morons waiting to be skinned and tanned?” He chuckled and moved back towards the ship.

Rhyderi glared at him. “Please don’t harass the prisoners, sir.” He moved over to the three and waved his hands at them, speaking to them quietly in Thalassian, doing his best to use a soothing voice.

Sephiroth sighed and headed back towards Noemi. “Do you have any paperwork I can show to the President? Or maybe you should just come with me yourself. I will arrange transport.” He teleported his PHS to his pocket and began to dial the office.