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Shaking her head, Jenna reached up to rub the side of Sephiroth’s head before she whispered in response to him, “I do not care if we were being videoed right now. I’ve missed you. That matters more to me than what anyone should think. Anyway, we’re married. We’re supposed to do this sort of stuff.”

Noemi moved over to the General’s side as Zack walked away to Kalysto. Shaking her head, she commented, “You have quite the underling there. Very interesting that you even get along with him.”

A smirk graced her lips as she finished these statements. She then glanced around the pier before she hummed in thought.

“While we do need to establish ourselves,” the captain commented, “I do not see much reason for us to interfere in their affairs. I wouldn’t mind peace and quiet for once in my life.”

Meanwhile, Zack rolled his eyes at the Sub-Lt.’s question. The elf was well known for being a hassle, and now wasn’t any different.