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Jenna hummed once more before she nodded. Under her breath, she muttered, “Probably desperate. As I recall, that dimension was in the middle of a prolonged inter-planetary war. I don’t blame them for wanting to get out of that.”

Shrugging, she looked at Sephiroth once more. She then smirked before she swiftly moved in to kiss him before he had the chance to think about the fact that they were in public. She had missed him too much to let him put his pride before her needs.

Col. Fair grinned at Gen. Sephiroth once more before he gently poked his side, “You only say that because you’re a hard-case, Sephy.” He then frowned. “And damn… I guess my date for next docking station is canceled. Damn, she was hot too..”

He then frowned as he looked over at Kalysto. Clearing his throat, the spikey-haired man rushed over to the elf before he gently grabbed his shoulders in order to pull the Sub-Lt. away from Rhyderi.

“Now, now, elfy. I think that’s enough of bothering the locals. You can save that sort of stuff for later.”