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Kat Aclysm

General Sephiroth continued to growl, though this time it was more out of sheer frustration above all else. He kicked at a nearby table, then sat down, burying his face in his hands.

“I know about the suicide mission…” He snarls. “No retirement. For any of us…” He paused, hesitant. His entire life had been nothing but protocols and when he had dared to think outside their discipline fields, he had been punished or his mind was re-arranged. He genuinely feared it happening still and he chose his words very carefully.

“But that is the way of things.” His tone was cold now. “We were born for it. We were created for it. And now.. now you have brought us here! They’re only going to track us down and kill us now!” He shook his head, very upset. “We’re going to go down in infamy like Hojo and all the others who became traitors and went against the will of the alliance….”