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Noemi moved to sit down in her office chair, which was positoned near the rear window of her quarters. Lowering her head, she slowly shook her head before she calmly spoke, “There will be no court marshaling if there is no court to charge me, General Sephiroth…”

She glanced to the side, for she didn’t want to look at the anger in her love’s eyes. She was fully aware that she took a large risk. However, she believed that it was worth it. After pursing her lips, she looked up at General Sephiroth once more.

“General, they were planning on sending me to a suicide mission within the next few weeks. I had already received the orders… As I said, I am getting old, and they no longer had much need for me. They planned on killing me, and my crew. I felt this was a better option. Haven’t you ever wanted to be free?”