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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth nodded his head as the ship began to slow down and almost drift along in space. Then he narrowed his eyes and began to heavily focus. *”Very good…”*

Twenty-five miles ahead, a giant portal suddenly appeared right in the ship’s trajectory path. The portal was wide and huge, certainly large enough to consume the entire ship. The portal’s middle sucked anything that drifted near it into it’s depths. It behaved in much the same manner as a black-hole, however the insides of the portal were swirling and light filled. Great swathes of lightning crashed around inside as well, some even escaping the portal’s perimeter.

General Sephiroth quickly emerged from his quarters when the navigation equipment began to spazz and seize up, blaring a series of warnings as it couldn’t identify what was ahead.

“Can we steer around it?” He said as he abruptly stepped up behind Noemi.