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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth raised brows at Noemi’s question and shook his head. “There is a dragon named Tiamat and it colonized Midgar. However, it has no interest in harming anybody who doesn’t care to harm it’s children, I don’t think…” He thought hard, shaking his head again.

“Some years ago, the dragons were in hiding. And then one day, all at once, they revealed themselves and a lot of the population died. But there was also a good number who survived… the continent I was living on was overlooked entirely, as if they weren’t interested at all.” He frowned. “Since then I have been leading the army and assisting others. We have gained territory on other continents, gone into negotiation with other dragons, and we have even allied with some again. Right now I have four sitting on a sea-dock at home… they are tied up and refuse to listen to negotiations.”

He sighed, for this must have sounded like a rather far-fetched story, especially to an outsider.

“There is no galactic war, no. We are not space-faring either. Also, the dragon doesn’t care. You could probably move over to it and poke it with a stick. The Brood Mother cares nothing about our presence.” He shook his head yet again. “There was a Project-S and a J-Project, but nothing beyond that….”

“There are also three dragons of Cetra lore and legend. They probably existed, but I personally have never cared to study that as I have always believed them to just be rather fancy magic.” He narrowed his brows and snorted. “However… supposedly, at the end of their lives, their spirits were stored in Materia. Their names were Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, and Bahamut-Zero. All three of them have always been benevolent protectors – all you need do is summon their spirits.” He snorted again, folding his arms.

“We’re getting off the subject.” He stated finally.