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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth lowered his head, nodding. “I have a son. He was born with complications. When his mother was still carrying him in the womb, she was attacked and harmed within an inch of her life. She suffered blood loss and was in a coma for some weeks after the incident.” He slowly shook his head and sighed, continuing. “The child was born with mental capacities below average. And his voice was underdeveloped. He cannot make any sounds.”

He raised his head, almost pleadingly glancing at Noemi before his signature scowl covered all his expression once again. “I’ve done my research… your world is one of the most technologically advanced. He needs your help. Please… take him and make him somewhere towards normal. Repair his mind, do anything… just make him well again.”

General Sephiroth stood near the door, very unimpressed. “Silence, unmarked natural.” He hissed the words as if they were an insult, or implying inferiority.