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Noemi frowned at the Sephiroth that was standing in front of her. She had no idea how he was intercepting her personal transmissions to General Sephiroth. However, she was more than certain that was what he was responding to. Moreover, his responses were troubling her.

So, she promptly reached out to grip onto Sephiroth’s left arm before she hissed at him, trying to keep her voice from being overheard.

“Stay put,” she commanded. “I will evaluate who and what you are once General Sephiroth arrives. Until then, I do not know.. what to think of you. However, I wish to find the answer with him at my side. Understand?”

~Did you not see what I showed you, General Sephiroth? There appears to be a second you. However, it is young enough to be one of our eldest children… Perhaps..~