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“Farewell, my love,” Jenna softly responded. She stood there as she watched Sephiroth leave the room and dimension. Silently, she hoped that everything would be alright. Thus, once Sephiroth was gone from sight, she waved her hand to close the portal. She then went back to the bed so that she could resume reading, for she knew there was no point in worrying the entire time.

Meanwhile, Desiree shook her head at Kalysto’s inquiry. “No, Kalysto, I have not sent out any invitations,” she responded. “Well, for the most part, I don’t need to, but I haven’t sent any out. I don’t think we even agreed on a design for them.”

The other side of the portal opened up into the entry port to a space station. The station was one of the main hubs of the alliance planets. Hence, it was in and of itself large enough to be comparable to three New York Cities, if not more.