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Desiree groaned at Kalysto’s response. Glancing to the side, she frowned before she shook her head.

~Father? Where are you? You were supposed to help me out…,~ Desiree mentally pleaded to her father.

She then looked at Kalysto before she took a deep breath. “Kalysto… If you want my father’s financial support, then you’re going to have to scale back. Of course Arte and Zulmire are family. Adoptive parents are still family.. I also think that Rhyderi should be invite. He doesn’t need any special privileges, but he should be invited.”

Jenna tilted her head as she considered Sephiroth’s question. Shrugging, she responded to him, “You can leave in the morning, or even now, if that is what will make you feel best. I don’t think that you’ll be unprepared, so any time is fine for me.”