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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth snuggled into Jenna, closing his eyes, comforted by her warmth, scent, and overall presence. He continued to make his weak purring sounds and even began to grin slightly at the amount of attention he was being given right now.

*”I’ll have to read into what you gave me…”* He replied to her comments telepathically, *”Can you open a portal to any one of them and return me again though? That is the real question.”*

Kalysto grinned at Desiree, happy to have help with his work. He dropped the cloth bags onto the table so she could put what she had counted into them and continued with his own portion of the counting.

“We actually have quite a bit saved now.” He stated with a vague air of pride in his voice. “Do you want me to put it into the housing loan, or use it for a proper holiday or what?” He paused. “Not that we could really go anywhere safe with the state of the world…” He glanced downwards. “There is an island in the North-West that’s relatively untouched by the Great Upheaval of Worlds though. It’s a small volcanic island called Ha-wai.”