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Desiree softly chuckled at Kalysto’s response to her teasing. She knew that she had been completely untrue in her question, but it was still fun to give him a little tease every now and again. So, she moved up behind him before she tightly hugged him.

“Hmm… I suppose that is most likely. As for insanity.. Well, you’ve seen the pedegree that I come from,” Desiree stated. “My father went psychotic. My mother is actively insane… I’m certain on that part.”

Jenna leaned in to kiss the ridge of Sephiroth’s nose in an attempt to make him feel better. “Yes, alone. I would go with you, but we need someone to watch the infant.” She glanced to the side as she thought over the situation. “Of course, if you really want me to accompany you, I suppose we can ask someone to watch the child..”