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Jenna shook her head then handed the tablet over to Sephiroth. After patting his head, she softly spoke, “If you want to follow this through, it will be you alone. I should stay here with the infant. That is the responsible thing to do. I have full confidence that you can handle traveling through dimensions without me.”

She then frowned before she lowered her head, “There’s no certainty that the attack was the cause of the child’s problems. Perhaps he just is genetically defective… We just don’t have any proof as to the reasons for things..”

Desiree smirked at Kalysto before she rolled her eyes. She enjoyed his sense of humor; however, that didn’t mean that she didn’t have one of her own. So, she smoothly responded, “Oh, we wouldn’t want a tender warlock. That would just ruin the balance, wouldn’t it?”