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Kat Aclysm

“Alright,” Sephiroth said to Desiree with a tired sigh. “Add one of those pull-apart bread appetizers to the tab. I will let you decide on the flavouring, you know their tastes better than I do. However, I reccommend either the garlic, or the one with tomato baked through it. I have eaten here before, and both are equally as good as each other.” He put the menu down again and glanced up at the waitress, having decided what he wanted to eat.

“I will have the lemon and dill crumbed fish with a side of roasted vegetables. No salad.” He pushed the menu across to the waitress and returned his attention to Desiree, vaguely curious as to what she would order for the children.

Milena spat out the menu when scolded and put her head down. “I’m hungry…” She glanced down at her cutlery and whacked the armor-reinforced part of her palm on the table, producing a rather loud wooden sound. “Want pizza. Want chicken, want steak, want num-nums! Hungry!”