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Jenna: *calmly* Dimitri is at the ShinRa building. He is at his “job”, though I highly doubt he does much more than study there. Seres is at the barracks, probably just starting her first lesson right now. Cancer is… Doing Cancerous stuff… Somewhere… Not here. Alexander is asleep in his crib, I can hear his breathing. Iris is in her room. Xelong is under Zach’s bed and sleeping while Zach is still at the clinic. And Azul is probably going to wake up any moment now and start screaming for food or a new diaper.

Dimitri: I”m very glad that I have someone with your expertise to be able to help guide me to finding the right books, Miles. *he briefly glances at the DL-6 documentation, for he’s still curious. However, he soon opens up the dictionary and begins reading it over*