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Kat Aclysm

Zach sighed. “Yeah, alright…” He nodded. He understood the concern and if anything, he was glad of the fact that they were as serious about it as he was. He nodded to the pair and picked up the feeding supplies, placing them on the trolley portion of the wheel crib before he wheeled the contraption out the door, heading for a new ward.

“This way,” He called back to them as he walked off briskly down the corridor, finally stopping outside of another one-bed private room that was in a quieter location and further away from the entrance where most of the activities were going on.

Sephiroth lowered his head and accepted Jenna’s affections. For a brief period, a purr even managed to escape him. He had forgotten the last time he had done that…

His eyes snapped open again when Zach left, and he rose to his feet, moving after the other to the next room. “Come on,” He grunted. “Let’s get this over and done with.”