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Kat Aclysm

If Jenna was killing his hand with crushing force, Sephiroth certainly wasn’t noticing it at that point. He just stayed nearby and offered his prescence and closeness as emotional support, though he couldn’t offer much more than that. After a time though, he swapped his hand over so Jenna could clasp his fake one. Though after that occured, he began to worry that she may crush it.

Zach pried Jenna’s clothing off, then began to prepare the bed sheets around her so they would not get in the way. He shifted the hospital bed, adjusting the bars at the foot of it so Jenna was propped up on it, and able to use the bed’s slant as well as gravity to push.

“I think it’s too early just yet, but you may as well get comfortable.” He paused. “Do you want any pain-killers?”