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Jenna narrowed her eyes as she watched the silver blur that was her mate pace about the place. If she didn’t know better, she would say that he forgot that they’ve done this routine multiple times before. Sadly, she had been pregnant enough times that she wasn’t even stressed by the labor at all. All she wanted was it to be done and over with.

Once Sephiroth spoke out his question, she rolled her eyes before she released a loud groan. After shaking her head, she drawled out, “Yes, Sephiroth. That is typically what should be done when a woman goes into labor.”

She then slowly pushed herself to her feet, for she wasn’t in the middle of a contraction at the exact moment. Within a few moments, she walked over to Sephiroth’s side so that she could reach up to pat the side of his face.

“Settle down. You’ve done this before,” she attempted to reassure him.