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Jenna muttered as Sephiroth returned to the bed, more tired than anything else, “I think that broke some sort of record somewhere… Though I don’t know who would keep track of such records.”

Yawning, she snuggled up against Sephiroth, even though her bulging abdomen made it hard for her to snuggle in her typical manner. After a few moments, she drifted off to sleep.

Over the next two months, up through May, Jenna continued to basically do nothing other than hang out around the house and go to appointments with Zach. The passing of time, she became more and more anxious for this pregnancy to be done and over with, especially since Zach didn’t seem to be in the least happy with the test results that were being given to him.

Finally, on the day that Rhyderi was supposed to return from his mission, she went into labor. Despite the immense pain that she was in, Jenna was more than glad that the day had finally arrived.

Meanwhile, Seres had continued to be extremely bored in her preparation class. When at all possible, she’d sweet-talk her father into pulling her out from the class so that she could train with him, Genesis, or any of the other people that actually knew what they were doing.