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Rufus: *takes longer to respond this time* “I am very busy. There are several matters that need my attention at the moment. As I mentioned earlier, a private investigator is a privately owned business by an individual. If someone wants to start such a business, they can do such on their own. I will not stop them. However, I will not make a “private investigative” branch within the corporation for that would undermine the investigative work of my TURKs and the integrity of the Private Investigations profession.

As for the matter of a police force, the issue is still being analyzed by the board. Between the TURKs, the MPs, and the army, I see no reason to rush this matter.

Do not bother me again with these matters for today.”

Seres: Hrm… Yes, I suppose that could work out. *nods* Though.. what if I decide that I’d rather have a long sword like yours later on?