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Kat Aclysm

Once the class was filled up and the time was right, he shut the door and locked it. If anybody was going to come late, they would have now missed out – he would not open the door for them. He pulled the blind down over the peep-window glass and strided across the room.

“Alright,” He grunted, scowling as he examined the group he was going to be testing today. “This is the day where your life as a student of the army ends. Some of you won’t be coming back. Some of you won’t survive until the end of the test. And some of you will accuse me of being biased.”

He looked around the room, then walked over to his desk, picking up his papers. “This test goes for an hour and a half. Afterwards, you will gather in the barracks open area, and I will call you back in after I have marked your test. If you have passed, I will give you some equipment to begin your career as a soldier. If you have failed, you might have better luck getting a job as a sanitation assistant considering the desperation of people on this island who want to work today.”

He began to place tests on desks, turning them face down. “You may not turn this test over until I say. Anyone who does so will automatically fail.”