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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth’s drawers contained many items. Aside from his standard collection of underwear, socks and pants, there was also thiings like loose change, Candy still in its wrapper. Maps for hotels and holiday destinations were in the bottom drawers as well, collected from before the time the two had gotten married. Sephiroth had collected them when he was seeking out honeymoon destinations and his writing was all over them, noting such.

Hidden underneath a pair of dress pants was a giftbox containing condoms and lubricant, and beer. The giftbox was both unopen and unused. The note attached inside read:

‘This is so you can stop stressing out at work. Go stick it to your wife, drink the beer and stop screaming at us.” – A

If Jenna was looking for evidence of any actual cheating, she would have been dissapointed.