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~Zach.. you are neglecting to think of something very important. There are children out there with alien cells that were not on this island. Some of them wound up in places like China and Korea. I’ve done some basic investigations into their top-secret government files, since I prefer to know what’s a threat.. To say the least, some of those children were dissected alive,~ Jenna explained. ~And those countries also are a very strong foundation for back-market trade.~

~Also.. I doubt I’ll be able to talk him into anything that involves human experimentation, Zach. It’s hard enough to get him to agree to SOLDIER program injections that we already know about. However.. have you found a way to operate Mako from molten rock?~

Jenna narrowed her eyes at Sephiroth’s last statement before she roughly pinched a nerve in order to send a message that she wasn’t pleased.